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#3) Emotional Intensity – Move Beyond “The Zone of Nothing Special”

zone of nothing special

The Maritz Institute is anchored in an ideal or goal we call Better Business. Better Lives.  We believe that the science of human behavior can come together with the art of great design to create meetings and motivation programs that not only make businesses better, they also enrich the lives of the people touched by these programs.  […]

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Self-Interest vs. Service is the wrong question


While at MASSIVE, a forum I attended a couple of weeks ago sponsored by Simon Sinek and Bob Chapman, we had a very enlightening and important dialogue on self-interest vs. service. We came to a place that the problem was when we try to force and either / or mentality onto such a complex human […]

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A New Paradigm for Business


As Albert Einstein stated, “problems that are created by our current level of thinking can’t be solved by that same level of thinking.” Business isn’t in the midst of a transitional or incremental change. It is in the midst of a paradigm shift relative to business practices. And, paradigm shifts require challenging the foundational assumptions that we hold to be true.

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