Does your brand have a social life?


Think about your favorite brand. What about that brand do you love? Beyond the product or service, do you enjoy the social encounters you have around and with this brand? Do you connect to the brand’s ideals and values? Does it feel like you are part of a brand community? It is easy to recognize […]

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Perspective-taking is the Key to Good Humans and Good Business

The ability to entertain the perspective of another has long been recognized as a critical ingredient in proper social functioning. Piaget marked the ability to shift perspectives as a major developmental breakthrough in cognitive functioning, and Kolhberg recognized its importance in his classification of moral reasoning. Batson noted that the presence of perspective-taking can inspire great gestures of altruism, and its absence can incite the devastations of social aggression. — Edited from Adam Galinsky

The Maritz Institute Network has been studying perspective-taking over the past couple of months with the help of Emily Falk, a neuroscientist who works with the University of Michigan. Emily has introduced us to the work of Adam Galinsky with Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University who does research on perspective-taking, negotiation and other […]

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It is Time to Reclaim the Word “Engagement”?

Time to Reclaim the Word Engagement

When I say the word — engagement — what do you think? Well, it could mean I am engaged and devoted to someone for life. That is engagement, right? But in the hands of business leaders, it has too often been defined as “capturing discretionary effort.” I think I’d rather go to the Dentist than have someone capture my discretionary effort.

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The Game Has Changed: A New Paradigm for Stakeholder Engagement


I just wrapped up the research and writing of my latest white paper entitled, “The Game Has Changed: A New Paradigm for Stakeholder Engagement.” And, last week had the opportunity to present the ideas in this white paper at the HR Summit in Phoenix, AZ.

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