Unleashing Human Potential by Inspiring and Enabling People-Centered Business Solutions

Our Story

Maritz companies all share a singular approach: to create mutual benefit that drives client business success and that betters the lives of the people they touch.

Whether it's actionable customer experience research, employee recognition, channel sales performance, reward strategies, consumer loyalty or extraordinary travel and brand experiences, Maritz solutions provide our clients with vehicles to unleash human potential.

About Us

In 2009, The Maritz Institute was formed to help Maritz clients navigate the seismic changes in the business environment by understanding important discoveries coming from the human sciences. New discoveries that have rendered business practices based only on rational models of behavior outdated.

Created as an extension of the Maritz signature statement,

"The Science and Art of People and Potential ®"

The Maritz Institute is a long-term research and design hub focused on unleashing human potential through people-centered business solutions. The work of The Maritz Institute informs the Maritz people philosophy that underpins all of Maritz businesses' solutions. The latest from the human sciences combined with the discipline of human-centered design thinking is brought to bear to create transformational program experiences that unleash human potential.

The Maritz Institute cultivates the latest discoveries from the human sciences into a set of science-based principles that can be applied during the design of people-centered business solutions: meetings, events, motivation programs, loyalty programs, performance improvement programs and customer experience management.

All this is possible through The Maritz Institute network model. The network is made up of 600 people across all Maritz businesses, as well as leading academics, neuroscientists and pioneering clients.

By putting people at the center of design, this network helps to achieve the shared purpose of creating transformational program experiences where every participant realizes more of their best-self potential, builds more enriching relationships and clients achieve measureable business results.

Through the work of The Maritz Institute, Maritz has a better understanding of people which generates better program design, garnering better results for Maritz clients.

People Principles

People are the heart of business. Today, it is vital to connect with employees, customers and business allies both as human beings and as stakeholders in shared success. Businesses are now looking for ways to make work more enriching, brand experiences more meaningful and business relationships more collaborative.

At Maritz, we believe strategy begins with a deeper understanding of people underpinned by the human sciences. From research into how people think, feel, decide and connect, The Maritz Institute has distilled three People Principles that provide a lens for insightful business practice design.

Informed by human science insights, Maritz solution designers artfully apply specialized expertise to create people-centered business solutions for client companies. The three People Principles serve as a framework for which Maritz solution designers create transformational program experiences.

People are driven by multiple motivators

Scientific discoveries continue to catapult our understanding of brain function and rapidly advance theories that explain what drives behavior.

In 2002, Paul Lawrence and Nitin Nohria of Harvard Business School published a comprehensive theory of human nature, the Four-Drive Theory. They theorized that nearly every individual on the planet is imbued with at least four biological drives:

Four-Drive Model | Paul Lawrence | Harvard Business School

People are rational and emotional

Understanding human choices as both rational and emotional has huge implications for business practice design. Positive emotions serve to broaden and build personal and organizational effectiveness. Negative and defensive emotions tend to be corrosive to corporate culture.

Human Choice | The Maritz Institute

People are individual and social

There is constant interplay between individual thought and action and the social environment in which we live. While every person is truly unique, the human brain has evolved based on living with others. In fact, people are so attuned to social cues that we unconsciously mimic the behavior of others. This has profound implications because businesses are social enterprises connected by networks that run through and around the hierarchy.

Progressive practices help people build valuable connections, develop new skills, express their passions and acknowledge individual and collective contributions to success.

Individual and Collective Contributions | The Maritz Institute

Our Framework

Using these three People Principles as a framework, The Maritz Institute has distilled 21 Science-Based Design Principles that serve as a library for Maritz designers to pull from as they partner with Maritz clients to drive results through people-centered design. This unique approach of drawing from both the human sciences and design thinking methods equips Maritz designers, as well as clients with tangible steps to create transformational program experiences that unleash the best-self potential of the people in those programs.