Unleashing Human Potential by Inspiring and Enabling People-Centered Business Solutions

Our Mission

People matter. As people, our lives are immeasurably enriched when we live out our purpose and values in all that we do, whether it's in social circles, family life, careers, vocations or in business relationships. We believe that being people-centered and purpose-driven is key to business success as well.

The Maritz Institute exists to unleash human potential by inspiring and enabling people-centered business solutions. This is more than a lofty ideal, it is what drives everything we do. It serves as the central motivating force that guides our research and our work as we strive to enable people to realize another level of their best-self potential in every single program that Maritz delivers on behalf of our clients.

The Maritz Institute is set up as a network organization where we partner with leading academics and scientists, business leaders, and Maritz thought leaders and designers to fulfill the vision.

The Maritz Institute's role in this network is to catalyze and equip leaders and designers to create transformative experiences that unleash human potential. We do this through thought leadership, measurement frameworks and education offerings.

People-Centered Business Solutions | The Maritz Institute

The Science and Art of People and Potential ®

The Maritz companies all aspire to a single signature statement to guide their work — The Science and Art of People and Potential. It starts with putting people at the center of program strategy and design and a mindset of how we can best unleash their potential through the program or solution that is being developed.

It takes both science and art to address the needs of the whole person. By combining the systematic rigor of scientific study with the art of creativity and emotional connection, business practices can reliably enable extraordinary achievements and experiences that are truly a win-win for every stakeholder touched by the business. In all we do, we strive for the mutual benefit of Better Business. Better Lives. without a tradeoff.

The Maritz Institute holds four core values that give Maritz programs a distinct purpose and differentiating quality.
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