Unleashing Human Potential by Inspiring and Enabling People-Centered Business Solutions

Our Education

The Maritz Institute offers educational opportunities to Maritz program designers, which focus on bringing together the science of human behavior with the art of design in effort to create transformational program experiences that unleash human potential.

Master Designer Certification

Master Designer Certification is intended for high-leverage roles within the Maritz businesses, where an individual has demonstrated a strong practice within the Community of Designers, an ability to lead and strongly influence client teams and a commitment to becoming the best designer possible.

This level offers the most robust learning journey spanning approximately five months and is considered the pinnacle of mastery of people-centered design.

Design Practitioner Certification

Design Practitioners demonstrate a commitment to practice and innovation. This level focuses on equipping Maritz people to learn and apply scientifically-sound principles using a people-centered design approach. This online, multimedia learning program spans six-weeks and provides in-depth lessons on people-centered design.

Foundations Certification

Foundations is the first step in demonstrating a commitment to learning within The Maritz Institute community. This level focuses on equipping Maritz people with a foundational understanding of people-centered design and a common language of the three core People Principles.

The annual mindSPRING Design Summit is a gathering place for the curious, the innovative and the solution-minded people in The Maritz Institute network. mindSPRING is a platform for self-expression — the sharing of ideas and stories at the intersection of science, art and business.

This is "the-place-to-be" when it comes to learning the latest from human sciences in effort to create transformational program experiences that unleash best-self potential.

This summit offers a combination of external and internal speakers, time to connect and collaborate with colleagues, as well as methodologies and tools that can be used to apply a people-centered approach when designing client programs.