Unleashing Human Potential by Inspiring and Enabling People-Centered Business Solutions

Welcome to The Maritz Institute.


We believe that people are the heart of business. They make work more enriching, brand experiences more meaningful and relationships more collaborative.

The Maritz Institute was formed to study the latest human sciences research and apply it to our people-centered solutions.


The Result

Recognition programs that truly engage your employees.
Sales incentive programs that motivate higher performance.
Meetings and events that inspire audiences.


Better Business. Better Lives.

"The Maritz Institute has provided me with the cutting-edge scientific research on how best to understand, enable and motivate people. The design framework that we have developed as a result of this research has been described by more than one of my clients as, 'A game changer that clearly sets Maritz apart from others in your industry.'"

Nicole Harris
Strategic Account Executive
Maritz Motivation Solutions
Greg Bogue
VP, Experiential Design
Maritz Travel Company

"People are at the heart of our story... they're the people who are not satisfied to sit on the sidelines watching, they actively engage and reach for the next thing. They strive to create that which doesn't exist. The Maritz Institute is all about assisting in their creative success. Through a wide network of individuals across our company, our clients, science and academia we simply create better business and better lives!"

"The Maritz Institute provides what would have greatly benefitted every one of us as students, and that is a rich, targeted application of academic theory and leading-edge thinking into business. Combine that with an amazing network of active, interested peer practitioners, and our century-old company is a brand new pioneering place to be."

Tammy Smith
Director, Research Services
Maritz Travel Company
Bill Hennessy
Persuasive Design Strategist
Maritz Motivation Solutions

"A client said, 'The Institute gives Maritz an air of academic investigation and openness to new ideas that most companies our size have forgotten.' Curiosity and openness are the difference between a business that makes money for a few and a business that makes better lives for all its stakeholders."